агро сіті груп як зафіксувати страховий випадок
05 Jul, 2019

Agricultural insurance – how to fix an insurance case?

Each year more and more agricultural enterprises use the services

сюрвеєрські огляди посівів у квітні місяці
16 May, 2019

Drought in some regions of Ukraine has changed with rains

Apparently, every agronomist once again is convinced that the weather

огляд посівів по всій території україни агро сіті груп
16 Apr, 2019

Results of crop surveys for March

In March, specialists of Agro City Group conducted surveys in

03 Apr, 2019

Results of survey surveys of crops in February

In February, specialists from Agro City Group conducted surveys in

Агро Сіті Груп страхування посівів Україна
03 Apr, 2019

Insurance risks are something that needs to be predicted

The realities of the present and unpredictable weather conditions dictate

сюрвеерский осмотр посевов по всей украине
07 Mar, 2019

Survey inspection of crops – necessary today

Agribusiness is one of the riskiest types of business. Farmers