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Results of survey surveys of crops in February

In February, specialists from Agro City Group conducted surveys in Khmelnytsky, Kharkiv, Vinnytsia, Rivne, Ivano-Frankivsk and Mykolaiv regions. Surveyors examined crops of winter wheat, winter barley and winter rape. A short survey report is at your attention.

General information on the condition of winter wheat crops

Winter wheat crops are made in the optimal time for the given crop. At the time of survey surveys, wheat plants were in the phase of full bloom, crops are levelled both in phase and in density. In the autumn, mineral fertilizers such as nitroammophos, diammophos, ammonium saltpeter, ammonium sulphate and KAS were added at different farms.

It was too early to restore vegetation, signs of this process were not observed. In the areas of some fields that were allowed to be inspected, the thickness of the snow cover reached up to 10 cm. Since the care of the crops before winter was carried out in accordance with the technological requirements, so the defects of soil cultivation was not detected by surveyors.

The state of winter wheat crops in the fields of the areas mentioned before is considered satisfactory, and the available plant density can form a full crop, in the absence of extreme weather conditions.

General information about the condition of winter barley crops

The winter barley was planted in the third decade of September. At the time of inspection, the crops are in the phase of bruising. In all the surveyed areas, barley crops are aligned both in phase and in density. Pests, diseases and weeds were not detected, the process of restoration of vegetation was not marked. The soil is enough filled with moisture. Consequently, the general condition of winter barley crops can be considered satisfactory.

General information on the state of winter rape crops

Seeds planting of winter rape was conducted in the last decade of August. During surveying surveys of crops, there were no defects in soil cultivation. Cultures are aligned in phase and density. In the examination of the root system, no damage was detected. Hybrids of medium-early and middle-aged varieties of winter rape are grown.

In certain areas, mineral fertilisers were added to the crop, in particular, diammophos, and crop care was carried out using size-regulating fertilisers. The general condition of winter rape plants can be characterised as satisfactory.

Conclusions of the specialists of AgroCity Group about the survey of winter crops:

  1. For a successful restoration of all biological processes of plant development, it is recommended to add vegetative stimulating fertilisers during spring care of plants.
  2. It is necessary to intensify control of crop infestation, pest and disease development. After mild winters their development is possible.
  3. After applying all agrotechnical measures, it would be advisable to carry out a control survey of winter crops, for the purpose of indicative determination of biological yield.



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