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16 Apr

Results of crop surveys for March

In March, specialists of Agro City Group conducted surveys in Rivne, Ivano-Frankivsk, Mykolayiv, Dnipropetrovsk and Kharkiv regions. Surveyors examined crops of winter wheat and winter rape, surveyed how the process of plant vegetation restoration was underway. A short survey report is at your attention.

The general condition of winter wheat crops

Sowing of winter wheat seeds was carried out at different times. In many fields, mineral fertilisers were added to the crops: ammophos, diammophos, polyphos, nitroammophos and urea.A short survey report is at your attention.

During the survey of all winter wheat fields, recovery of the vegetation was noted. In most areas, plants began to form a secondary root system. Most winter wheat crops, which are sown in optimal terms, are in the phase of bunching and are well developed in phase and density.

At the time of the survey, shortcomings of soil cultivation, infection with pests and diseases were not detected. Seeds are pure from weeds. Care of wheat crops is carried out according to technological maps of farms.

The general condition of winter rape crops

The winter rape crops were cultivated in the third decade of August, with the adding of nitroammophos in the amount of 100-200 kg/ha. Additional fertilisation was carried out with ammonium sulphate and ammonium saltpetre.

At the time of the survey, the plants of winter rape restored the spring vegetation, created a lateral kidney and were in the phase from 10 to 18 leaves. There were no pests, weeds and diseases on rape crops.

The general condition of winter crops was considered satisfactory.

The conclusion of the conducted surveys of winter wheat and winter rape from specialists of Agro City Group:

  1. Plants have already restored the spring vegetation and form a secondary root system. It is possible to carry out additional nutrition of plants in conjunction with growth regulators, this will only benefit.
  2. In order to prevent the appearance of pests and diseases, it is recommended to conduct the cultivation with pesticides and anti-insurance drugs on the fields examined by winter crops.
  3. The existing density and the state of development of inspected winter crops will allow forming a high-quality crop, in the absence of extreme weather conditions.


Агросюрвейерные услуги

Agrarian surveying services

The agro-squirrel Agro City Group will carry out a professional survey of crops, draw conclusions on the state of the crops in the fields and, if necessary, will give additional recommendations on plant nutrition.

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