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26 Feb

February sowing survey results. Rivne region

In February, specialists from Agro City Group visited the Rivne region. Surveyors examined the crops of winter wheat and winter barley. A short review report is available to you.

The examined crops of cereals were sown in optimal or permissible terms. Plant cultivation in the examined field was carried out by the water method. This method showed good results and made it possible to quickly determine the status of plants. Seeds that have been planted in optimum terms are in the phase of bred and are in good condition. All metrics are optimal: 

  • The phase of development meets the period
  • There are sufficient supplies of productive moisture in the arable and meter layer of soil,
  • The plant is provided with nutrients,
  • Sufficient depth of bedding of the plant,
  • There is no poisoning or pests and diseases.

Seeds sown in permissible terms are in a satisfactory condition at the moment. This status includes those crops that are at least 1 point below the optimal crop.

During the survey, the snow cover was uneven. In the Rivne region, the snow melted and in some places left plans without any cover. The soil froze at different depths, on the well-depleted crop’s soil froze the upper layer – up to 2 centimetres.

The conclusion of the main specialist of Agro City Group company:

The winter-crops conditions will have an effect on the weather conditions that will occur in February, as the plants are weakened in the second half of winter. Consequently, specialists of farms for the correction of growing technologies should make a survey after February 25th.

In order to get the planned harvest, particular attention should be paid to the crops that were not included in the wrapping phase during the winter. The non-optimal phase of development may cause unproductive planting in the spring.

The early feeding of plants to restore vegetation (on frozen ground) is very important. Sometimes, with the high probability of early restoration of vegetation in weak crops it is advisable to use nitrogen-phosphorous fertilizers (nitrophos, ammophos, nitroammophos).

Feeding should also be done at the end of the bushing phase, adding to the mixture of trace elements, antistress drugs and growth regulators. To correct the appropriateness of the use of certain elements, experts advise conducting an analysis of soil and plants after the restoration of the vegetation.

Contact agro-surveyors of Agro City Group and get an independent view of the suitability of growing, collecting and storing crops in your farm.

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