сюрвеєрські огляди посівів у квітні місяці

16 May

Drought in some regions of Ukraine has changed with rains

Apparently, every agronomist once again is convinced that the weather is unpredictable. Beginning of May was met with considerable cooling, heavy rain and in some regions of Ukraine, even with snow. How it can affect the crops? Maybe conducting additional agrotechnical measures for levelling stress should be done? We are looking for an answer by specialists and experienced surveyors of Agro City Group.

First of all, let’s summarise the results of crop surveys that were have conducted in April

Survey inspections of crops were conducted on fields of Kyiv, Zaporozhye, Sumy, Ternopil, Kirovograd, Dnipropetrovsk, Poltava, Khmelnytsky and Zhytomyr regions. Were examined crops of winter wheat, winter barley of various varieties, as well as crops of spring barley.

At the time of inspection, almost all fields were fertilised with nitrogen fertilisers. On most of the inspected areas, there were no defects in soil cultivation. For the most part, the fields were provided with sufficient moisture, but drought in April could make its adjustments in certain areas.

Most of the examined plants of winter wheat and winter barley are aligned in phase and density. In general, the state of crops can be characterised as satisfactory, because during this spring no sharp rise in temperature was observed.

In April, in some regions where crop surveys were conducted, there were arid weather conditions. In the future, this could greatly prevent wheat and barley plants from forming a good crop.

Conclusion of Agro City Group Surveyors

According to experts from the Agro City Group, the cold and heavy precipitation in early May did not have a very negative effect on the growth and development of crops, and on the contrary, compensate for the loss of soil moisture and restore the good state of health of your plants.

Perhaps agrarians will need to adjust their pesticide and nutrition standards so that plants can maximize their potential and added fertilizer.


Агросюрвейерные услуги

Agrarian surveying services

The agro-squirrel Agro City Group will carry out a professional survey of crops, draw conclusions on the state of the crops in the fields and, if necessary, will give additional recommendations on plant nutrition.

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