Valuation real estate, land, fixed assets, machinery

Property valuation includes the process of value determining of an object or individual rights: the right to rent or use.

An objective and independent property valuation is extremely important for determining the market value of an object, as well as for determining financial capabilities and strategic objectives.

For business, property valuation will help improve investment attractiveness, and for property owners it will be advantageous to set out it on the market.

The process of property valuation allows the owner to determine the right to the object, as well as to assess its real value. This may involve property valuation of enterprises, municipal property, property valuation of agricultural land or property valuation of residents.

With an assessment you will know


Investment attractiveness
Your business


The real value of the object


Ownership of property

In what cases property valuation need to be done?

  • When forming the authorized capital, when the upper limit of the value of the transferred object is used
  • When buying and selling the object will be an essential element for the buyer and the tax service
  • In disputable court situations for obtaining financial compensation
  • When transferring to a caution or mortgage to determine the cost of a loan
  • When registering insurance to determine the optimal amount insured

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Professional appraisers

Agro City Group


Our company has a vast experience of successful property valuation operations, and due to many years of expertise we specialize in various business areas and also work for individuals.

Agro City Group employs professional appraisers in all regions of Ukraine. Our specialists are able to quickly do the property valuation of any complexity, as well as to consult in a comprehensive manner in various situations.