Conducting independent, professional reviews of goods and property is one of the most important procedures for each Company.

Surveyors Agro City Group will review and inventory the property, conduct a high-quality merchandise audit, and the most important – provide data on identified violations about the order of storage rest, provide comments on the quality of staff work, as well as help to transport the product to improve the use of space.

Agro City Group surveyors carrie out such service

  • 1. Property review
  • 2. Stocktaking of stock inventory
  • 3. Commodity audit and analysis of the use or storage of goods
  • 4. Audit of processes and work of staff
  • 5. Recommendation report on the use of the workspace, property placement
  • 6. Audit of the address storage system in the warehouse

As a result of the survey, the surveyors make a detailed report with photo materials and conclusions.

  • 1. Improving the management of inventories.
  • 2. Rational use of the budget for the maintenance and use of property.
  • 3. Increasing the level of efficient use of warehouse space, warehouse equipment.
  • 4. Improvement of overall work indicators.
  • 5. Increasing the effectiveness of the business process algorithm for warehouse operations.

Object auditing overnight – reduce downtime or completely eliminate the option of suspending the company.

Regardless of the type of property, the place of its storage, the specifics of the package, as well as the method of its placement, our specialists are ready to conduct a quality product audit during one day or at night.

By conducting an audit, you receive objective data about the actual situation of your company.

«The Agro City Group Surveyors are fully responsible and respectful to the task of inspection and audit of the company. After all, our experts keep their reputation and have been working on the market for more than 10 years.

We use the latest equipment and specialised software in this work, thus ensuring the high quality, accuracy and efficiency of the whole survey of your property.»

Director of Agro City Group Vitaliy Ponomarenko

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