Agricultural technologies audit – is a real look at the possibilities of the enterprise.

In order to qualitatively verify and evaluate the work of production, it is necessary every year to conduct the deep audit of the enterprise, technology and professional suitability of the workers. Agricultural technologies expertise and audit is an objective analysis of the agroprocessing process, which will become the necessary information not only for the investor but also for the owner of the enterprise.

Agro City Group will help you understand the activities of the plant company.

Agro City Group will provide you with an independent professional who will conduct a top-level audit of the agricultural technologies. Our experts at the highest level carry out a comprehensive inspection of an agricultural business. Agro City Group experts carry out the following works:

  • 1. Setting the exact field coordinates and analyzing the land bank volumes.
  • 2. Estimation of the prospects and efficiency of land assets and equipment use.
  • 3. Research of the soil quality and weather conditions, specific to your region.
  • 4. Phytosanitary conditions, correctness of plants care and soil treatment checking .
  • 5. Assessment of the necessary equipment availability for timely planting and harvesting.
  • 6. Estimated volume of the obtained crop.
  • 7. Determination of the time, spent for harvesting.

Agricultural technologies audit – recommendations for the success of your business.

You get
A report on performance and business perspectives
Identification of optimal agricultural technologies that are ideally suited for your type of soil (fertilizers, machinery, etc.)
Recommendations that will help to increase productivity and optimize company costs.
Potential volume of future products forecast

When is it necessary to conduct an audit?

  • 1. To determine the reasons for the ineffective enterprise work.
  • 2. In case of buying agricultural assets.
  • 3. In case of upgrading the equipment.
  • 4. Annually, at the attestation of the enterprise employees.
  • 5. In case when the project investment is planning

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