Agro-surveyor services – the choice of the successful agrarian firms

The activity of agricultural enterprises is the leading branch of the Ukrainian economy. The agrarian sphere with each passing year develops more and more and brings revenue. The reason for this was the Ukrainian black soil – the best in the world in terms of composition, physical, mineral and mineralogical properties of soils. But despite this, modern manufacturers need to remember about the proper use of this “wealth”, the observance of all rules and norms that will help to obtain a good harvest.

To find out an independent opinion about how well you are cultivating, collecting and storing crops, choose agro-surveyor services from Agro City Group.

Agro-surveyor services – is the right control of production

Control of sowing process
Control of the crops’ growth and development
Control of the harvesting process and the use of machinery
Control of crop storage during the initial stages

Agro-surveyor of Agro City Group complete a number of tasks aimed to increase your harvest:

  • 1. Setting the exact field coordinates.
  • 2. Soil research and verification of phyto-sanitary conditions.
  • 3. Determination of factors contributing to the reduction of yield.
  • 4. Monitoring and evaluating the correctness of all field works.
  • 5. Forecasting yields and determining the required harvest time.
  • 6. Preparation of accounting documentation.

«It is difficult for one person to assess and identify all factors that can significantly affect yield. Our team employs experienced professionals who are interested in you to get good results. In the course of their activities, they will provide clear conclusions and reports»

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We assure you that the proper control of crops directly on the field is a guarantee of an
yields increase.Do not risk your profits and call us, agro-surveyor services cost
depends on the number of tasks we complete. Be sure that all costs will be surely justified.