Adjusting services – professional help in “critical” situations

In the case if agribusiness has not missed the trouble, and before that you have entered into an insurance contract, there is an insurance case. What to do in such case? Where to go? What to do to save your crop business? These questions are most frequently asked.

Insurance cases’ settlement is professionally engaged by adjuster

Agro City Group is a leader among adjustment companies. Our lawyers carry out all the necessary work on-site, and as a result you get:

    • 1. Confirmation of the fact of the insurance case;
    • 2. Determination of the size of losses, their nature;
    • 3. Conditions and causes of an insured event
    • 4. Establishment of the damages amount;
    • 5. Decision on whether it is expedient to grow crops in the future.

Order adjuster services – protect your business

The insurance company must recover damages, and due to the received financial flows you will be able to re-sow your fields or to compensate some of the lost profit.
Agro city group’s adjuster will help you to get insurance payments.

«It is very important to have a responsible and qualified person who provides adjuster services. Indeed, in our country, insurance companies do not always fulfill all their obligations to their clients. You can find such professional with us, our company will provide you full range of services for settling insurance cases.»

Director of Agro City Group Vitaliy Ponomarenko

Agro-insurance is a guarantee of stability and minimisation of unplanned expenses.

агрострахование, агро сити групп

Crop insurance

The insurance agent will help you to understand all the nuances and conditions of agro-insurance. He takes into account all wishes of the client, helps with the choice of profitable insurance terms, signs contracts and carries out control over their performance.

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If adverse conditions arise, grain crops will die, but if you have insurance, your business will survive.