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05 Jul

Agricultural insurance – how to fix an insurance case?

Each year more and more agricultural enterprises use the services of insurance companies. This is very convenient and useful because the availability of insurance provides monetary compensation in case of damage to crops (on the occurrence of an insured case). An insured case is an unpleasant event for any farmer, resulting in damage to crops on cultivated crops in the fields.

Agree – nice little, but you do not have to worry about it – you are insured! In the event of such a bad coincidence, the obligations of the insurance company to the client enter into force. Simply, at such moment you need to carry out properly all paperwork, which accompanies the fixing of the insured case and obtaining insurance payments.


From where to start, how to fix an insurance case and get a refund, – read further in the material from Agro City Group specialists.


In the material “Insurance Risks – What is to be foreseen”, we examined the theoretical basis of these issues. (add a link to the corresponding article). In the event of an insured case, the customer of the agri-insurance service must necessarily inform the insurance company within the terms stipulated by the agreement. Efforts should also be put to minimize the losses incurred. This is clearly indicated in Art. 21 Law of Ukraine “On Insurance” of March 7, 1996, No. 85/96-VR.

An adjuster must arrive on the field whose crops have been damaged. Adjuster conducts an expert assessment of losses, a professional assessment of damage to crops to determine the causes and consequences of their occurrence. This is an independent specialist, representing the organization for providing services for settling claims of the insured, ie your claims, for the recovery of financial losses in the event of an insured case.

After an independent adjuster evaluates the degree of damage to your crops, the insurance company submits reports on the state of crops, the causes of the occurrence of the insured case and the final expert opinion of the adjuster about the possibility of insurance refund.

It should be noted that the insurance refund cannot exceed the amount of direct damage that your crops have undergone.


Agro City Group Surveyors and Adjusters will help each farmer to understand what you should know in a clear language. Everything is very simple and transparent – you will know what insurance risks are provided by an individual insurance contract and how to correctly record the occurrence of an insured case.

By ensuring crops, you anticipate the risks facing the agrarian business, and you can sleep more calmly. But use only honest, proven insurance companies and competent independent experts.


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Adjuster services are the competent help of independent experts in the event of an insured case. Agro City Group ensures an assessment of losses at a professional level.

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